Food Photographers

Jonathan Gregson

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Sarah Coghill


Cream of the Crop: Sarah Coghill – Gurnards

Finalist in Food Photographer of the Year 2015

Cream of the Crop: Sarah Coghill – Gurnards

Pornchai Mittongtare

Food, Still life and lifestyle photographer Pornchai Mittongtare brings together vibrant colors and shapes in obviously very carefully planned shots. Rarely will you find Pornchni settling for a ‘straight’ plated food shot. Pornchai works from a natural light studio in California, giving almost year round constant sunlight to his shots. Indeed, you can see the light in his work.

Fried Potatoes; Pork Belly by Pornchai Mittongtare

Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a photographer in the enviable position that most people will have seen a piece of his work, in one guise or another, even if they are unlikely to know his name. Carl make cartoon-like scenes, or foodscapes, creating forests of broccoli and seas of smoked salmon. His imaginative work has been widely used in food advertising both in the press and on television.

Nutrilite Waterfall
The Mayan Pepper Temple

Clare Borboza
Clare Borboza prefers not to be labeled as just a food photographer since her work often about more than just the food. She captures also the story behind the food; the people that grow it, the chefs that prepare it, the communities that celebrate it, the people that gather around the table to share it. In spite of this wider perspective, Clare seems to love producing her blend of artistic food still-life images.




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