I have been thinking of ways to develop my ideas mentioned on my previous post. Looking at how I would best achieve my desired outcomes, I realised the ‘cow’ idea would be harder to achieve then I originally thought. Due to logistics and such I don’t think I would be able to get good photographs of cows or other animals in farms without getting access to a farm. I don’t know how hard it would be to get access to one but I don’t know any farmers. Secondly if I was to illustrate something around this subject I don’t think it would be appropriate as it’s a heavy topic and perhaps should be seen in a serious light rather than some illustrations. Plus the fact that it needs to be 3 final pieces of work, three illustrations would take me a very long time and unless they are some very good ideas for the illustrations there is a risk they would not be as effective as I’d like them to be.

So I have decided that I will be going with my second choice, food. I will also be choosing the photography module to achieve my final outcomes. I want to focus this theme on international restaurants found in Tunbridge Wells. I will be attempting to gain access to different international restaurants and gather photos of food dishes and perhaps the cooking process. I have already got the permission of a couple of restaurants that will kindly allow me access to their kitchens. As for the final outcomes I am still not exactly sure if im going to make them part of a magazine article, or perhaps a series of poster ads.


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