Brainstorming Ideas

For this brief I need to choose a module to achieve my outcomes, photography or illustration. I personally like doing a bit of both but illustration takes me a long time as my work rate doing illustrations is very slow. I feel my best approach to this project is to pick a subject within ‘international citizen’ context and think of what would be the best way to achieve an effective outcome.

These are a few brain storm ideas around the international citizen theme that I might be able to work with.

At this point I have three main ideas; One of them comes from inspiration from a documentary I have watched recently, Cowspiracy. This is a heavier topic involving the effects of animal agriculture on climate change. There are many sup-topics I could involve in this such as deforestation, meat consumption, Greenhouse gas emissions all related to the same theme.

The second idea is to do something regarding food. Since it’s in an ‘international’ context perhaps focus on a food festival, or specific foods from certain countries. Maybe as part of a magazine article or an advertisement poster.

The other idea would be to do something with music, create a music album or a event poster. Since music can and is most of the time has an international reach anyway.


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