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Richard Dawkins

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Personal Branding

Pbranding Stationary

I feel I have successfully achieved the brief and created an effective brand for my celebrity and myself. My research lead me to develop what I thought best reflected my celebrity’s persona and how I think he would like to portray himself. Creating a visual identity that reflected his scientific background but also bringing to play his out spoken views on atheism. Using a DNA helix for the logo as a central theme, I wanted his branding to be clean and minimal. I wanted to retain the fact the he is a scientist not a comedian, or just a public speaker about atheism and communicate to the right audience.

My personal branding however was a challenge for me. I struggled to boil down exactly how I wanted to portray myself through my branding, and what kind of designer I was. As I feel I don’t have a particular style or my design may vary as I am still trying different techniques when I can and learning new things. I think that perhaps it’s too early to try to really pin down a particular “style”. But saying that I do like to try to create designs that are minimal, clean typography, sometimes incorporating bright images or colours in contrast. So keeping that in mind I went with a brand that would help reflect that, creating an abstract logo to try to use as a recognizable symbol on its own.

I think the final outcome for my personal branding does reflect the a modern, minimal and “professional” design ‘values’ I was trying to portray with my branding. But I am not very happy with it and it could have used more development if I had more time on it. Time management was a bit of a problem as I spent too much time on the celebrity branding. I would also try a different approach as I think my personal branding is kind of lacking personality in a way. Overall they are both successful and even though it has been one of the tougher briefs so far it was one with lots more to learn for future projects.


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