Some inspiration/examples of Personal Branding

These are some links to some of the personal brands by other designers that I liked. There is a combination of styles here; some more illustrative or decorative and others more minimal. There is a recurring theme in a lot of them of combining the designers initials with a symbol or shape to create a symbol or letter mark logo. I think this is a better approach at creating a logo for yourself as a graphic designer because by using your name instead logo wouldn’t be necessarily the best idea as you are not necessarily already known. Creating an abstract shape or a symbol that represents your brand is what I think works best, one that can be used in combination with my name if necessary.

I also like the colour schemes of some of these with the use of contrasting bright colours over dark backgrounds and how they use of one colour through out that really brings out the designs while not being over decorative. This is important as I think you want something eye catching as a graphic designer but not something that detracts from the message your trying to give or something too decorative that perhaps gives the impression that you only do illustration for example.


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