Personal Branding

Branding for an individual is something that is seen mainly in the celebrity culture, people such as David Beckham, Martha Stewart, celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Jaime Oliver and pop stars like Kanye West. Many times celebrities reinvent their image to show that they, or their product has changed.

Rebranding happens in different ways for example Madonna invents a new image with every new album she releases, or often times when celebrities have a personal rough patch and they want to make a comeback, they do so by rebranding themselves to show the world that everything is ok.

“Personal branding is part of the greater trend that recognises and focuses on the individual, and encourages the person to take control”

Branding can be seen as a self developing technique by perceiving yourself as a brand. In order to do this you must be able to view yourself objectively and encourages the individual to question their values and behaviour and to stay true to themselves.

David Beckham logo designed by Adidas.

“Personal branding is carefully managed and manipulated – involving every move from the career choices made, to how every action and event is publicised, to the style of the subject’s haircut. It is also a growth area, no longer limited to celebrities.”

Personal Branding for Graphic Designers

“Your brand is what people think and say about you. It is the values that are associated with you and what you do or provide.”

That is the simplest definition to what a personal brand should be, it’s the first three words that come up when you think of a company for example, Apple. It is the impression that brand gives, the values it tries to portray. These values are reinforced by the content they create and present to you and how you experience their products. To identify these brand values you should first identify:

  • three words that you want associated with you and your work
  • three words that you want your visual style associated with
  • three words that are associated with the experience of working with you.

“These words are your brand values. These values frame the story of you and your brand. When you promote and market yourself, focus on being consistent with your brand values in your storytelling.”

When developing your brand as a graphic designer you should tell a story about you, the work you do and how you deliver those results to your clients. It’s not just about building a presence on social media or other platforms, but how you use that presence to tell your story.


More Than A Name: An Introduction to Branding, AVA Publishing, 2005


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