Logo construction (Richard Dawkins)

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I then added ‘Richard Dawkins’ to the logo and experimented with different typefaces. I considered just keeping ‘Dawkins’ as it’s quite a distinctive name and is immediately recognisable for people that know him. But as he might not be all that well known necessarily perhaps it was best to keep his full name in the logo. I experimented with a range of fonts, and combinations from: Aachen Std Bold, Avenir, Birch Std, Gill Sans, Adobe Caslon Pro, Adobe Garamond Pro, Futura and Helvetica Neue.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 21.46.24

I like the combination of Gill Sans light and Adobe Caslon Pro as I think the both typefaces complement each other and do not over power the logo but instead help balance it. With the combination of a clean sans serif and the classic and academic Caslong Pro. But I also think the combination of Gill Sans light and regular work well too, keeping it clean and modern all though out. The other choices I wasn’t fully convinced with as some of them where too heavy like the Aachen Std Bold ‘Dawkins’ over powering the logo.


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