Logo ideas (Richard Dawkins)

Thinking of what words best describe Richard Dawkins and how I want to develop his brand, I came up with: Scientific, logic/reason, and atheism. Even though they are not ‘values’ they still convey what I believe he would like to be perceived. I needed something to represents him as a scientific mind as I think that is his ‘personality’ as obviously he is a scientist but also a renowned atheist. Tying these two together left me with some options for creating my logo.

Something to do with evolution like an illustration of the evolution of man, but I think this was a bit too specific to just evolution and with the name Dawkins sort of similar to Darwin I think there would be a bit of confusion there. An owl as a symbol of logic and wisdom I thought might possibly work.


The sculpture ‘The Thinker’ by Rodin I thought could also make for a possibility of a more illustrative logo.


I kept coming back to using a DNA helix as it was one of my first ideas but I wanted to avoid it because of it being used in an existing logo of his for his foundation. But I think it is what best represents him and his ‘values’ and it directly reflects back to science, evolution and even atheism in a unique way.



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