Evaluation (Summer Spreads)

Through out this project I have successfully researched, planned and designed magazines in different styles and for different target audiences. At the beginning of the project I couldn’t find the brief for the project so I had a more relaxed approach to the project to begin with and I wasn’t totally sure if we were ment to base the our articles design on the magazines we picked. Regardless I did obtain two magazines but I also used my research outside of those two magazines to design my layouts.

I think all the spreads are successful and are designed accordingly to their types of articles. My use of typography was good as I managed to set the text as best as could. Using a good choice of typeface for each article, placing the text at a good size and leading makes for legible and clean looking text bodies. I experimented with my options, and arrived at a good solution based on my research of my magazines. My article which was the most text heavy is my least favourite as I wasn’t too happy with how I set the text and tried adjusting it several times.

I found that with not being able to access the brief until later kind of hindered some of my time management and not being sure if I was allowed to borrow text or not took a lot of time trying to write articles and adding to them just so they were long or short enough for my layouts.


  • do more research into specifics like food magazine photography, before going out to take my own. I feel I missed out on some layout opportunities If I would have planned some photos in a different way.
  • look into more types of magazines. Go to the library! beginning beginning beginning beginning etc..
  • test print with more time

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