Spread Sketches and Ideas

These are my initial ideas for my food mag layouts. Some of them using a large image running across both pages to connect the spreads. Or using the objects in the images to manipulate text around shapes is a good way to make the layout more dynamic I think and also help connect the article with the imagery. Other possible layouts could be a combination of white space and placement of body text around the food.

DSC_0671 DSC_0670

After looking into different travel magazines I began getting some ideas for my spreads. A lot of these magazines use a large image as the main focus point and have the body text sit around the image itself. I think this is appropriate for travel magazines as you want to see the place being described in the article and many times the photos are of big landscapes that can only be appreciated in large. Other kinds of layouts had more images laid out across the page usually when the article was talking about several things or places. One thing I realised at this stage was that I didn’t take any vertical photos as they can often come in handy in layouts I think.

I want to experiment designing some text heavy layouts and some not so text heavy, play around with white space and number of columns. Also remembering to use big gutters and margins accordingly to my chosen magazines.



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