Research for spreads

I began by looking at magazine spreads online for both of the topics but because we were ment to get a magazine to ‘base’ and present our spreads within I went out and bought two. I had a look around in the store to see what travel or food magazines caught my eye and even though there was a few I ended up buying The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and Olive Magazine. Both had some nice layouts that I could grab some inspiration from for my own layouts.

Olive Magazine


The topics I chose for my magazines are topics that are heavily image based so there for the magazines I bought are both very image based. When having a look through the Olive Magazine the first thing that catches my eye is that its very bright, from the imagery used to other design elements such as bright headings and such. Though out the magazine they use what I think is 6 columns layout in total but they use mainly a combination of that into 3 main text columns on most of the pages.

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They use a combination of serif and san serif typefaces on the articles, sometimes the body text set in a serif typeface or sometimes a san serif. It seems that a san serif font is mainly used on the recipe and directions sections while the larger text bodies are placed in a serif typeface. The body text is set at 10/11pts. through out. The articles in the magazine are connected with the use of a slab serif typeface used for the headings and subheadings many times set in a bright colour picked off the articles images.

The margins on both the top and bottom of the magazine are quite small but the inner and outer margins are a few cm. I think that the use of the bright slab serif font through out helps set the mood of the magazine, keeping it ‘relaxed’ and not too technical.

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine


When having a look though this magazine once again the thing that first stands out is the use of large imagery in most the articles spreads. It is about 30 percent text and 70 percent image based on the layouts. Large images taking up up to 3/4 of a double page spread or sometimes the entire spread with the body text sitting within the image.

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The articles vary in number of columns, from 2 to up to 4 columns for body text but the structure of the layout is based on a 6 column structure for things like captions. A san serif typeface is used through-out the magazine but you also have the use of a serif typeface set in larger column articles. The body text is set at about 11pt.

This magazine uses a lot of lines as a design element in connecting the spreads and separating text. There are some pages with a lot of text and information that needs to be organized and segmented using these lines helping keep all the facts and information cleanly organized.

The margins are quite wide at the top and bottom while the side margins are also a couple cm. There is a lot of use of design elements through out such as vector shapes and icons.


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