Photos Contact Sheet

These are my photographs taken for my magazine articles. The first ones are taken in Ibiza intended to be part of a travel magazine article. I wanted to focus on the beaches of Ibiza even though at first I wanted to focus on the music scene as that is what it’s mainly known for, I decided not to. It would have been difficult to achieve good images with my phone, in those sort of environments. But deciding to go with beaches left me with a fresh approach and bright and colour full images that will help develop my editorials appropriately as travel article. Travel magazines tend to have landscape or citycape images so that is what I was going for.


The other photograph taken are part of my food article spread. They are of a mexican meal called enmoladas and I wanted to create a recipe article featuring this dish. I had previously had a look at some articles to get an idea of how the food is arranged in the imagery used in food magazines or books as well as the angles at which the photos are taken. After setting up a small arrangement of food and drinks I began taking the photos in different angles and distance to achieve a bigger collection of images and possible layouts.



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