Summer Spreads Brief

‘Over the summer please complete four double-page spreads about any topic(s) that you like. They can be about the same topic or different ones.

You should use some of your own imagery and wording, but can supplement this with found images and texts. Please make sure that you reference this clearly in your sketchbook or within the spreads as appropriate.

You should get your format for the page measurements from a magazine of your choice and then present the spreads as mock ups within the magazine. No A sizes will be accepted!’

I didn’t really have too much trouble deciding what I wanted to base the magazines on as I had a few options to pick from. It was more based on whether I could take the photographs needed for the article. The first idea came after my mother was cooking a mexican meal so I thought I would make a food magazine article.

The other ideas came later on in the summer through one of my favourite things to do, travel. I was going on holiday so I thought I would take that opportunity to create a travel magazine article.


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