New Year Improvement List

Before starting the year I would like to note down a few things that I would like to focus on and improve during this year. There are many things but here are a few main points:

– Time management- work on my time management, knowing how long I should be taking on specific sections of work development, mainly for when it comes to working professionally.

-Editorial Designs- I would like to work on making my editorials a bit more experimental and creative as I feel I have trouble making creative layouts.

-Divergent thinking-  I want to improve on my idea generation as I feel sometimes I have trouble coming up with more than just a few ideas. Plus creating fresh innovative ideas, instead of taking bits from different places to generate my own ideas.

-Typography- I want to get more knowledge and understanding of typography and to keep experimenting.

All these ‘goals’ are points that I can easily work on during the year with the help of my tutors for things such as time management and divergent thinking tips. They are also things that should hopefully improve through out the year by generally producing work but it may be appropriate to do some reading or research into these specific subject like typography and creativity to cover a deeper understanding.


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