Marshmallow Tower

We were set a creative task in groups of two to create a a tower made out of no more than ten pieces of spaghetti, a meter of string and some tape. The purpose is to make a tower as tall as possible to hold a small chunk of a banana (which was originally meant to be a marshmallow). We were put into random teams, my team mate was Charlotte.


During the short time limit we began communicating ideas of how to produce the tallest possible tower. Charlotte had a good idea of creating some building blocks by connecting two pieces of spaghetti by two smaller bits of spaghetti and tying it with the string.

Unfortunately it was taking much longer than we though at preparing the building blocks. The plan was to connect four in total as a full structure and then placing a connecting platform at the top were we could place the banana chunk. But since time was running out we were left with t
rying to make it work with what we had done so far, s we used the two ‘building blocks’ resting against each other like a tipi and added support on the other sides with the remaining spaghetti sticks and reinforced the connections with some tape. This left us with a decent tower holding the second highest banana in the class!DSC_0661

It was a good exercise at generating solutions very quickly and also not lingering too much on thinking about it, but more on acting and communicating with our team mate. It was a quick task so there wasn’t much time to think of the best possible strategy but more about thinking of an effective and quick solution. In the end we managed to complete the task successfully even though halfway we though we weren’t going to make it.

Here are the other towers that made it.


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