Punctuation Mark Evaluation

I was able to develop a punctuation mark for sarcasm in a way that is unique to the modern world. Reflecting back on the way we communicate through digital media wether it be Facebook or simply messaging through your mobile phone. I personally find that sarcasm tends to be something commonly mis-communicated through any form or written communication without the use of emoticons or something to give a tone of voice to the text. So developing a punctuation mark for sarcasm seemed like a good choice.

In terms of the development of the symbol I made it through research and experimentation leading me to what I felt worked best as a hypothetical symbol for sarcasm. It was a hard brief in a way that it was difficult to know how to properly develop a punctuation mark as at first it just seems like a squiggle. But I guess you could argue that you feel the same thing for when learning a new punctuation mark or a letter for the first time.

I made the poster as if it was a messaging application because I thought that would connect back to the contemporary necessity of the punctuation. I think it works well at explaining what it is and whats it’s for in and effectively communicates to its target audience; being technically anyone using any written form of communication but mainly through digital media. I feel I completed the brief well and I am happy with the outcome.


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