Punctuation Mark Development (Sarcasm)


I started to develop my sarcasm punctuation mark. I wanted to make a hybrid of an ‘S’ (for ‘sarcasm’) and parenthesis or brackets to serve a similar function to them. If it has a similar function to parenthesis for example it will be more easily interpreted by someone who has never seen this symbol. I started devolving the ‘S’ like symbols  but after doing further research I found out that there are some pre-existing (obscure) symbols that are very similar, like the ‘irony mark’ and the ‘snark mark’ thus I thought it would create confusion.

I also did a hybrid of the ‘s’ like symbol with colon symbol that would be a possibility of further developing, but I thought that it might over complicate a symbol. I also wanted to try creating a shape out of the outer shape of and ‘S’ within a circle but they came out looking a lot like quotation marks.

Eventually I modified the ‘s’ shape into a more jagged reflected ‘z’ looking a little bit like the ‘more than or less than’ symbols so I added a slight angle to the symbol to avoid any confusion and adds to the lighthearted use of this symbol. I think this works well as it’s a symbol that is different but works as I intended, like parenthesis mark encapsulating the sarcastic text. It’s a simple shape and works well in small and big sizes as well as in serif and sans-serif fonts

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 20.08.52 Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 20.14.12Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 20.13.38

I was able to modify the symbol on illustrator by changing the ‘variable width profile’ of the stroke as well as making the corners rounded for the serif version. The symbol would also work in different languages as it’s no longer an ‘s’ but a jagged s like symbol which doesn’t have any specific interpretation in anyone given language in particular. So it would be a symbol incorporated into the everyday use and people would learn its significance and usage just like any other symbol.

After I had finished developing my punctuation mark I began to plan how I am going to present it. As the brief says we should make a poster explaining its use clearly, I am thinking of a making a simple layout with the description or usage of the punctuation mark followed by examples using it. It’s a bit tough thinking of how to present this symbol as its small and making an entire poster about it is harder than I initially thought.

I think a messaging app layout could work nicely showing the contemporary connection and need of the punctuation mark. As well as presented in a way that it would be seen and used as if it was a real punctuation mark.



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