New Punctuation Mark- Sarcasm & tone of text

I have been thinking of what could be a useful punctuation mark that could be used to express a thought or ideology that is unique to the modern world. When thinking of modern written communications, texting is the first thing that comes to mind. With the increase of texting wether it be over the phone or off a messenger app means that language is slowly being diluted with ’emoticons’ and ‘text speak’, and communication is often misinterpreted. There are always things that get lost in translation using text like joking without having to type ‘jk.’ or ‘joking’ or whatever after the ‘joke’ to avoid misinterpretation. Sarcasm is the same as its pretty much not possible to ‘read’ sarcasm without it being labeled as sarcasm by the sender. Another thing that I find that we are not able to express over text is the tone of voice, or tone of text. Sending someone a message can sometimes be interpreted in your mind using a certain tone of voice that cannot be communicated through text.

I want to focus on sarcasm as I tend to be quite a sarcastic person at times and too often send sarcastic messages that I find myself having to explain afterwards that I was only being sarcastic or joking. I also often assume there is sarcasm when there is none, or missing it entirely when it’s there. It’s so hard to catch through text sometimes, and yet I feel like it’s a mechanism that’s used pretty frequently online.

So I want to make a punctuation mark that can be an indicator for when a sentence is sarcastic by creating something to go on the begging and the end of the sentence or phrase.


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