Website Evalutation

I think that my website works very well with a good clear layout, typography and most importantly displaying my work at its best. It has successfully achieved the brief in all aspects and is suitable for it intended audience being potential clients. I think if a potential client was to look at my website, it would be very clear to them what it’s about and my work would be easily accessible to them, it’s also welcoming giving out some of my personality within my design. I have carefully researched and planned the my website from the very beginning. With thorough research I was able to conclude what would be the most effective design for my own website. I also tried different types of layouts before deciding to stick to the most effective one.Through my research I gained a good understanding or the structure and function of website design, functions and navigation.

I also learned to use a new program just for this project which in it self took its time and patience, but using Muse allowed me more creative freedom than using a pre-made theme than on a website like word press. Even though I didn’t use CSS or HTML within Muse, I did some research and practiced them externally using other websites and sources like allowing me learn more about them.

I considered how the color scheme and layout of my website would affect the way my work would be displayed from beginning of the development. Purposely choosing a black and white color scheme allowing my work to be the center stage of the website. I prepared all of my work to go onto the website accordingly by doing some minor editing to them like changing the files to RGB formats allowing for on-screen colors. I also planned how my work would be displayed on each individual page displaying them at a good size and their best light.

In terms of user accessibility the navigation is very thorough and there is no way someone would get lost around my website as there are many ways to get around. I think its easy and clear navigation through out as I had planned it. I researched what I could include for accessibility for disabled users, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a function of voice overs and text magnification built-in to muse. So I wasn’t able to add to my website, however now days there are external plug-ins and programs for people with disabilities to facilitate browsing the internet without it necessarily having to be built-in to my website.

In terms of typography I was able to achieve the feel I wanted using a sans-serif font to help keep the website modern and contemporary while staying minimalistic. I used typography appropriately using large headings to balance out the white space helped the layout a lot. Overall I think my choice of typography really lift up the website.

In conclusion I am happy with the outcome of my website I think it’s a very complete website with modern design elements like my roll over states and sideshows helping the user engage with the website. Achieving what I set out to do I have a website that shows off my work while complementing it and allowing potential clients to easily view it and get in contact if need be.


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