First website mockup

webdesign mock 1

This design was based on my first sketch, it’s a one page website will all the information needed found by scrolling down the website. I did created this one using Photoshop. Using inspiration from some tutorials I had been looking at by DevTips channel on YouTube on ‘How to Build a Responsive Website From Start to Finish’. As I began to develop it I did realise that the tutorial was very in-depth and utilizes Jekyll to build the website which is a program I don’t have. It also used a lot of html and css to customize the design, this is something I want to learn but it wasn’t appropriate for this project as we aren’t focusing so much on html apart from basics.

There are a few reasons why I will not be taking this design further. Firstly because the website is a one page design and I didn’t want to carry through with complex coding on the tutorial to get the website to be functional and at the same time I couldn’t really use the ‘slice’ technique on Photoshop to Dreamweaver that we were thought in class because there wouldn’t be different pages to link to. Because of these two issues I wouldn’t be able to make the website very functional apart from perhaps adding some roll overs to the portfolio gallery. There are a few other things I don’t like but  are design aspects which I could change if I was to carry through with it such as the header and footer image doesn’t really relate back to a graphic designers portfolio, looks out-of-place. The black circles would be filled with icons for contact and skills sets such as a ‘pencil’ for and illustrator icon and a ‘g+’ icon for email.

Apart from that and the design being quite common layout, it would work effectively to showcase my work.


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