What is Digital Media?

YouTube is a digital media platform because iYouTube-logo-full_colornformation is shared freely through the website. It consist of a completely digital interface involving videos, imagery, audio, website and even social media connectivity. It’s is a medium that exist within the digital world only.

It is the second most used search engine after Google and it is now part of it. It’s a platform allowing users to upload, view and share videos utilizing Adobe Flash Video and HTML5. The content available on YouTube varies from user generated videos and corporate media videos; ranging from TV clips, music videos, documentaries, video blogging, educational videos and more.

I think YouTube is an extremely powerful communications tool, that can be used for watching anything from fail videos or cat videos, to more important educational videos and other informative videos. I find that you can learn almost anything through YouTube and many times for me personally as a visual learner watching a video on a specific topic is much more interesting and helpful.Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.45.19

Designers can use this medium to showcase their work in video format and even create tutorials for people to follow. This helps promote yourself as well as expand the available information for others on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.47.52

Written by Ricardo O.

reddit-logo-01-674x501 Reddit is a digital media platform used as an entertainment, social networking, and news website. Registered users can upload content such as text post or link content users can “up” or “down” vote content which helps organize the position of content within the website. Content is also categorized into areas of interest called “subreddits”.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.33.34

I personally really like Reddit as a source of entertainment as well as knowledge. Sometimes if I want to learn more about a particular subject I look to see if there are any “subreddits” dedicated to it. Usually a vast amount of information is available, from video links of different website sources like YouTube, vevo, etc. compiled into this one website and you can also find links to more formal information like research papers or articles. Forums with discussions about subjects are also good as you can see unfiltered responses and opinions about certain topics where anyone registered is free to comment and contribute to a discussion.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.33.45

Because Reddit is in general supportive online community, it is a great platform to share work as a designer and be able to receive feed back as well as helping promote your work. It makes it more likely for your work to be viewed and possibly shared than if it was just on Youtube for example. The reason for this is that you can categorize your content entries to the website in a way that people looking for specific topics are more likely to view it. A

s well because people have to be registered in order to comment or upload content and then vote the content as well as having moderators for each subreddit , the community keeps its self in check and thus allows for less anonymous posters or people commenting off topic responses.

Written by Ricardo O.


Pinterest is great tool for anyone to use, Most importantly for Inspiration. designers, photographers and other pioneers of digital media will post their work or possibly anything for others to see.

A great platform for digital media and very valuable resource.

Collective designers can set up their own pages too, to showcase their work. For example check out the University Of Kent Graphic Design page.

Pinterest is great for digitally presenting media.

The website works as a search engine, using particular tags that people add themselves. The website is also useful for advertising, for example you’re looking for a t shirt with a skull on it, just type that in and you will find images with links in the description to where you can buy it.

I personally use this site a lot when I’m stuck and in need of inspiration, I can often find something to try to add an edge to something I am working on. Therefore this site is really beneficial for creative people.

There are social elements to the website, where you can see what you’re friends like. Also you can make comments on anyones pin or ask questions.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.11.05

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.25.52

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.27.53

By Joe Williams.

There has been a huge uprise of clip montages. These can be seen for any purpose, to perhaps advertise you’re new upcoming single on Facebook? or just to branch out from you’re current audience.

Social media videos circulate very quick, with the start of the vine (6 second clip) vines circulate the web with great speed because they can be viewed in a short time and if they are good, shared to the next person. Therefore videos are a great platform for advertising on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.23.48

Below is an advert for the election by Sky News. The election is very shady subject among teenagers and young adults, the objective of this advertisemnt is to try and attract the younger people. Also widely enjoyed by adults as the advert is pure genius.

I think it works well in the way it combines fun and purpose together, resulting in a something to be enjoyed by wider audiences.

There are certain people of the internet that specialise in such videos. Cassetteboy’s youtube channel has over 140 thousands subscribers. And videos with over 1 million hits. Obviously there is a market for advertisements in this form.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.43.31

By Joe Williams

Designer’s Blogs

Almost all designers have websites or a strong social media presence online, as this serves as a very useful networking tool and also a way to get work noticed. Many of these designers however will also run a more personal blog about their work, often documenting more of the background and process to their work rather than just showcasing the final products. I think this is possibly more popular with up and coming, lesser known designers as it is a fairly friendly approach and often invites people to comment and discuss work and ideas, and ultimately build relationships.

A great example of a blog is one run by Carter Wong Design. This is a very personal blog based more around inspiration and interests than the work of the studio itself. Looking through the blog there are numerous posts about subjects such as the uninspired design found on a Post Office transit van or celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Carter Wong, however there is very very little included about the actual work they produce. This can also work to their advantage, as it shows possible clients about the interests that they have as a studio and also shows how they feel about various subjects, not just within design. I think this is a very friendly blog and shows a very personal side to the studio, very separate from the sleek portfolio of finished work found on their site.


I have included some more examples of designer’s personal blogs that show a different, more informal side to the studios:


Instagram is a mobile based social network that revolves around users posting square photographs with the option within the app to edit the colours/contrast etc. and add preset filters to the images. I myself use Instagram and often post photos of my own work to show off things that I am proud of or if I want some feedback. Many up and coming designers and illustrators use Instagram to post their work and as another platform to reach out to audiences and get their work known. It is again a very informal process, more so than blogs I think, and therefore a friendly and easy way to showcase work and make contacts. I follow various designers on Instagram and I often look through Instagram for inspiration with my own work and practise.

These are a few of the Instagram accounts that I follow and that have dedicated their whole account to their work and interests relating to it. This is a very social approach to showcasing work and I think it is very successful in doing so. I think it helps reach out to a wider audience, and also creates a platform for connections to be made, for example I have even commented on various photographs and had a friendly reply back about their work. Many of these designers have websites and blogs and will have a link to their Instagram and other social network accounts on there, and I think this is a good way to go about it. Personally, I think that this works well, for new designers especially, as it allows them to reach a wide audience more easily, and also have a more friendly approach in doing so.

I have included a few of my favourite Instagram accounts of designers, illustrators and creative people here:

Written by Jacob Smith


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