I feel that our final infographic works very well in relation to the brief, by successfully providing a source of visual information regarding ethics in design. Our target audience being designers I think we correctly chose to narrow down the subject and focus on simple, relating points with solutions provided. That helped keep the piece together as well as the choice of electing one person in the group to develop most of the final design on Photoshop. After looking at each of our designs ideas which were similar in concept, we agreed to go with Wills idea which had a more modern approach. This helped avoid any clash in styles in the final design. Kyle focused on the typography side of the final piece and I developed the main body text to go on with it.

I was initially concerned about this brief because of the group aspect of it as I have never done one before. But our group worked very well together, we communicated and agreed on decisions without any problems. We divided the work load as evenly as we could and we all had input back towards developing the final design. I am happy as to how we came to develop the final idea as there was a definite progression through out constantly re examining our direction. Over all I am happy with the final outcome and I think it is an effective infographic piece on ethics and it clearly communicates the message in a clean, creative and modern way.

We also created our group blog were we added all the pieces of research and development in together from each of our own blogs.


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