Development Sketch


After deciding as a group that we were going to focus on ‘sustainable design’ instead of just ethics within in graphic design in general, I developed this concept idea. By focusing on sustainable design it would help the information be more clear as to what we want to communicate instead of having a bunch of loosely connected points. Giving the information more direction and clarity. We also looked at picking a point within sustainable design, for example paper, and base the infographic on just paper as we thought that might give us some facts and statistics to add, but we after reviewing this idea we chose not to.

My idea revolves around a globe as sustainability relates back to having a sustainable environment and a globe is everyone’s environment. Using our research points within sustainable design I added icons for each around the globe, each icon would be accompanied by a body of text describing the problems and solutions.

sustainable globeI took the concept in to Photoshop to further develop it. I wanted to get an idea of how it would look using an actual image for the globe instead of how I originally visualized it using a vector image. I took an image of a globe and a recycle symbol and wrapped the symbol over the globe using a mask.


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