Infographics Research

I looked at several infographics to get some inspiration for our group’s project. I have noticed that most infographics contain facts and statistics, having information like this makes it easier to visualize it by creating an image or graph to go with it. Our infographic is going to be based on a philosophical topic and from my research so far there is not many statical data on ethics or at least not enough to base the entire infographic around statistics and facts.

I did find some examples of infographics based around philosophical issues, specifically one around left and right winged government in the United States and what each represent to society and the individual. For our infographic we would like to create something that is text and image balanced and if anything more imagery than text. Keeping it image based will help make it look more appealing and it helps visualize the information to the audience (the point of an infographic). Some of the infographics that I have seen that are too text heavy just look dull and unattractive and thus doesn’t interest me in reading the information its trying to put across.

These are the infographics I have been looking at.


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