Infographics Based on Design Ethics

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 17.48.02

This is a screen shot of part of a ‘false advertising’ infographic, it is cleverly done to demonstrate comparisons of Ads vs reality in things such as food, photos, real estate, fashion and other categories where deceptive advertising is used. This infographic uses a lot of photos which is something not commonly seen in infographics. Achieving something like this might be difficult without having to resort to found images online.


I like the way this infographic compares the shelf life of many well known products to things like honey giving the immediate and drastic comparison of how long these consumer products laying around our houses last. I like the design of this one as its effective and creates a nice image out of information.


This one is based on number of increasing obsolete electronics being replaced and disposed, comparing some data and facts with different countries and recycling rates.


This one is done by a food company showing their sustainbale business imapact.


This one shows the environmental impact of paper in the graphic design industry and proposes a couple solutions.


I like the simple colour scheme of this one and how it effectively communicates a few points about sustainable graphic design without it relying on heavy use of text.


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