‘Ethics for the Starving Designer’

David Goh is a graphic design student from Singapore that made an ethics manifesto for designers. It’s a project to promote dialogue of responsibility and ethics within visual communicators, and an attempt to reach an agreement on an ethical code that can be used by local Singaporean designers regardless of their success.

Goh’s ideas revolve around issues that I think many new designers face today, you may be offered a job by a company whose ethics you disagree with. However as a striving new designer you need the work and the money, and may end up loosing your job if you choose to decline the offer. You are left in a situation were you need to balance your own personal ethics with doing a job which you don’t agree with or loosing out on money and potentially more jobs.

He has 21 points which he describes in his manifesto as potential steps to consider when faced with an ethical design choice.


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