Ethics Poster Brief


‘This project is a chance to combine information graphics with a theoretical or philosophical topic – in this case ethics for graphic designers. You will work in groups and you are free to decide on what material is appropriate for your infographic. But you should show that you have considered ethics holistically, seriously and from not just your own perspective. The piece should be informative and meld type and imagery in an effective and engaging manner.’


‘Communication Arts Magazine is producing a series of information graphics fold-out posters about cultural issues and theories that impact on the creative industries. The fold out is an A2 poster that is folded and inserted into the magazine

Your brief is to design, as a group, an information graphic that explains ethics for graphic designers as straightforwardly as possible. Use a mix of type and imagery in information graphics style. Be informative rather than dogmatic!’

The brief asks us in our groups to create an infographic on ethics for designers. The subtopic within ‘ethics in design’ is up to us, so we will have to narrow down the subject and focus on a single element so that we know exactly what it is we want to convey on our infographic. Ethics in general is a very in depth subject that could be applied to a lot of things and when it comes to design it is also a very important aspect that is a the root of many things in the industry.

Since this is a group project, it will be interesting to work with others in a design project for the first time. We will have to manage the work equally, communicate with each other, and manage our time so that we are all working at the same rate and achieve this brief ontime.


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