I designed a successful editorial spread based on architectural environment. I was able to thoroughly experiment with many layouts and develop my editorial through my research, reflection and criticism of others at times. Experimenting using a number of different columns, column widths, image placements, margin sizes, use of whitespace and other design elements such as pull out quotes this allowed me to create the most effective layout for my chosen subject.

The final editorial works very well in showing off the images which would be the main point of a ‘photography’ magazine. My photography relates back to the photographers that I researched and wanted to inspire my photography around them. They capture the abstract nature of Bildwerkers’ photography and also incorporated the minimalistic aspects of Roland Halbe work, while maintaining an element of my own style of photographing architecture from previous experience.

The layout helps the article and the photography work together and flow through out the spread. The images connecting the pages and the text relating back to the images makes them work together effectively. The use of other design elements such as the quote and article category also help the article tie in together. I like the final result as it what I set out to achieve, a clean, minimalistic and modern layout that not only looks good but works together.

Over all I am happy with my results on this brief and I also achieved my personal goals of leaving my self more time to design and experiment. If I could change something about this project it would be to have been able to go back and take more photos of the ‘City of Sciences’ in order to have more photos in different ratios and angles etc. at the time I was just focusing on architecture around Spain, and didn’t know I would be visiting that place in particular which was ideal for it and the images work together better if they are of the same architect. Another thing would be to have the size of the magazine bigger as this would allow for layouts with more space for large images on a page, as I think large images is the best way to show off photography and not have to resort to cropping images that were already composed as I wanted them. Or perhaps have the magazine be longer as I felt my layout could have continued for a few more pages with large images on them.


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