I did some initial sketches of layouts to get an idea of how I want my article to look, but there was only so much I could do with them as the final layouts would depend very much on my choice of images and their ratios. Some images might not have the appropriate ratio to them and although Indesign allows for cropping of the images, most of my final chosen images already have the composition I was going for and therefore cropping them might take away from the image. So my best option was to start developing directly on Indesign. All my layouts where inspired by the magazine spreads that I have been looking at.


I started off creating the layouts from my sketches to get some idea if they would work. I decided to get the general layouts done but with out concentrating on refinements at this stage.

I wanted to have the first two pages contain a full image, like the spreads found in the Architectural Review spreads I looked at. the heading could sit in a few areas around the image but I found that if I added the subheading the text wouldn’t be very clear and also took up too much of the image.

This layout is based on some Creative Review spreads and is also similar to my subculture spread in which the heading and subheading are placed within the article, underneath the image. Last time I did this I ended up changing the placement of the heading and moving it two the far left. I wanted to ideally go for something different to my last editorial so pursing this idea was not what I wanted.

I like the first dps as I think it shows off the image, it looks bold and modern, as for the second dps I felt it really didn’t flow with the first two pages. I felt there was something missing allowing the article to flow.

I started to play around with positioning of large images but keeping them with a border. I was also using experimenting with headings to connect the images to the text. At the bottom of the image on the first page sits a “Architecture and the Environment” heading which ties in with the main title. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the extra heading was unnecessary and I should just stick to one. The second dps was simple, but I felt it was lacking something to connect it the the first dps. The column width and line length were to wide.

On this fps I wanted to get rid of the boarders in the images and create a sort of collage, I thought this might work because of my images being of an abstract nature for the most part. But looking back at the mock up I thought the images on the second and third page get a bit lost and seem to be two much going on in those blocks of images and seemed to an extent distracting. Which also detracts from the article it self.

This fps was based on a Vice magazine article I looked at, it also incorporates large margins like the ones found in Creative Review. It is essentially very similar to the third layout design I made but I was aiming at making the fps flow better. I like being able to use large images as I think is the main point of a “photography” article, people are going to be primarily interested in the images. At the same time only being able to have a couple of images on the spread, helps to not completely detract from the article it’s self. I also wen back to experimenting with the heading placement on an image. I added some other design elements like the quote and the drop cap to this to start the refinement process.


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