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Architecture is a way for humans to shape and adapt to their environment. They are natural companions and are both essential to each other. A well designed building could not be possible without it fitting accordingly to its surroundings.

Whenever I go to a new city there is always so much to take in but one of the things that really define a city or country is very often its architecture. Through it you can learn things like culture, history, and art.

During my trip to Valencia, Spain I came upon some impressive modern structures in the City of Arts and Sciences designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela. The park has a picturesque quality to it, the buildings are immense and simply stunning. There are shallow pools of water reflecting the surrounding buildings, only adding to the futuristic tranquil environment.

I wanted my photos to capture the essence of the place but be focused on abstract details of these impressive structures. So that I could get a more personal interpretation of this massive place with so much to take in. When photographing architecture I like to look at patterns or interesting shapes within the building structure and compose and image with out boarders.

I was able to capture a mix of images some utilizing lines and shapes, some using reflections of the pools I was able to enhance the images and capture some interesting compositions. Some had an sense of infinity as if the structure could go on forever. Most importantly I was able to capture the essence of tranquility and modernity of this exceptional environment.


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