The topic of this editorial spread is ‘environment’ and it was left up to me to interpret this word, it could be a series of photographs of a particular environment or space such a room or home; or it could be about issues of ecology or weather.

Since this was left open for us to choose I thought of a few directions I could take this. Initially I thought of the ‘global warming’ and climate change issues and how I could find a way to demonstrate through my photography the impact on the environment. Another idea would be to focus on landscapes, by taking photos of open landscapes during different times of the day to compare them or photos of different landscapes. Another idea would be architectural environment, taking photos of interesting architecture in our environment.

After thinking about the best option I concluded that the global warming and landscape ideas were not viable options because of logistics and equipment. I couldn’t have shown the impact of global warming effectively without having to travel long distances to different locations within the UK and/or know how to effectively document climate change through photography within the limited time and locations. The landscape idea i would have wanted to get wide-angle photos but I do not have the appropriate lens for my camara or a tripod as well as the weather recently wouldn’t help to get great images of landscapes.

So that leaves me with the thirds idea, architectural environment, I have always appreciated architecture and enjoy taking photos of buildings and interesting structures. I like both the new and the old and the contrast between them, from the abstract modern structures to the intricate historical monuments. Architecture is a way for humans to shape their environment, we eat, work, sleep and live under these structures, they are an essential part of our daily environment.

I will be looking to take a series of photos demonstrating architecture found in cities, showing abstract and close up details of their constructions, whether it be domes, roofs, frames, intricate patterns, arcs and any structure that catches my eye.


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