I think that I reached my design proposal and completed the brief accordingly. My design creates an interactive experience allowing for the user sample and gauge for them selves the spiciness in a convenient manner. Its also packaged in a way that would allow for the application to be used for other products. I feel that the final concepts work well to visualize the device and how it would work. The info graphic works well to inform on the health benefits and spiciness levels of chilies, its clear and looks good effectively communicating what I intended. As for the actual main concept even though the images may not be as polished or detailed as I would have liked, they get the point across by demonstrating how the product could look like in theory.

I am happy with the outcome specially after struggling to decide exactly how I was going to carry on with this idea as it was related more to product design. Initially I thought of just focusing on the branding and packaging but then was told that the main focus of this brief should be how the concept would work. If I was to do this brief differently I would have probably chose a different idea to go with. Initially I thought I understood the brief but once I was actually half way through I realized I hadn’t fully understood what the brief was asking. I would have gone with an idea that I could have developed further as a graphic designer, a poster, or some sort of visual communication so that I could have developed a more complete final piece.


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