Vector Development

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I found images on google of different chilies that I was going to use for my infographic and created vector versions of them. I wanted to keep the illustrations quite simple as they didn’t need to be heavy in detail and they would be quite small in the final product. Using the pen tool on illustrator I created an outline shape, then added other shapes within using the path finder intersect tool to make it easier to create shapes within with out having to retrace lines. I also added some shadows and light. I then repeated the same thing for all the vectors.

For the info-graphic I wanted to add more design to it as it was the only real opportunity to design within this brief. I gathered the information I wanted to add to my info graphic.. The layout out was developed after researching info-graphics and Scoville scales. The graph itself was just a simple line with circle shapes showing the heat of each chili, colour coded. It’s just an estimate as I thought it wasn’t necessary to make a fully accurate scale at this stage.



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