Development Process

Development Process

I had three concept prototypes for the design, one of them was to make scratch & taste cards similar the ‘scratch & sniff’ idea, I liked the idea of the interaction with the paper and how it created an interactive experience a by allowing the user to scratch it and taste the product. After getting some feedback through surveying I scrapped this idea mainly because after receiving some feedback, people generally thought it would be an unhygienic process and possibly an inconvenient way to taste something because of the packaging.


Another idea was to create a sensor that could be attached to the user to record their bodily reactions when consuming chilli (like a lie detector) and seeing how much heat they can stand. This sensor would then be attached to a phone and work through an app. This seemed like a fun idea and would create a fun interaction for the user in a game like way, but I decided not to go with this because it eliminated being able to use the concept for other foods such that don’t necessarily generate such a physical reaction (from the spiciness) when consumed.


Finally after thinking of packaging possibilities I came to the realisation that the scratch and taste idea would be more plausible by creating a ‘peel & taste’ version where the sample would be in a thin strip of the food and be in a sealed package ready to be peeled and tasted. This idea would solve the issue of hygiene and be a more convenient way for tasting food as the strip can be licked or fully eaten.

DSC_0014 DSC_0015

After deciding what prototype to go with I was able to start developing it further. Because my idea is more of a product design, and could only conceptualize it but not actually create a functioning prototype, I wanted just to focus on the branding and packaging side of it but after talking this through with Tim, I was told to focus more on the way the device would work.

My concept was something that was hard to visualize because of its nature, being a simple food strip. Because of this I decided to keep the visualization simple of how it would likely be in real life. It would be a simple sealed food strip packaged and sealed within some sort of protective film that could be peeled off to reveal the product.

I outlined tDSC_0018he process in the steps in which the concept would work;

  1. Peel the packaging and pull out the flavour strip
  2. Taste the strip (either by licking it or placing it on your tongue)
  3. Gauge the taste and spiciness
  4. Compare with the info-graphic

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