Indentifying a Potential User

By identifying the need for an intervention I was able to incorporate the concept of ‘disruption’ into my design concept in its aims to disrupt conventional ways of sampling foods and engaging with it. After getting some feedback the response I got in general was positive and people agreed that it could be useful for many situations and making them feel more comfortable in to trying food. More than anything they liked the idea of being able to gauge how spicy something is and eating a sample in an unusual way. Some of the feedback was to do with the connotation of the actual tasting strips, how they may be perceived “does it actually taste like the real thing?” or how the strips might just be a synthetic version of the real thing.

The potential users that could use my device really depend on the product being marketed, but because I am going focus on chillies the target audience is very big. As I am including the health aspects of chilli into my concept a potential user of my intervention is someone who is looking for healthier food alternatives. This seems to be a growing trend around the world with the demand for organic products and healthier alternatives to the food that is generally available.

Someone in this situation may always be looking for healthy options or they could be keeping to a diet. Through my research I found that chillies have many health benefits. Eating chillies for someone on a diet would not only improve their health but also greatly improve the taste of many of the ‘healthy alternatives’ which tend to be very bland in general. They also have very little calories if any making it another huge selling point for health conscious people.

After gathering some feedback by interviewing a few people that themselves are into the ‘healthy alternatives’. I gathered that it is possible that the way I wanted to package my concept by using a food strip made synthetically was possibly not the best way to market it to someone looking for natural and organic products. They “don’t want something artificial when tasting an organic product”. Because of this I wanted to look into other ways to package the idea like having spoon samples with a small portion of the actual product for sampling. I thought of this and even though I agree, I think that radically changing the concept to actual food samples would greatly eliminate the usability for other products as well as greatly reduce the ways in which it could be distributed. As well as the purpose of my design being that its just a sample of the taste but not necessarily of the texture or consistency of the food. This could be addressed by creating some sort of organic taste strip alternative instead of a synthetic version.

The user would be able to find the tasting strips, sample the chilli of their choice and be informed of their health benefits leaving them able to make an informed choice and remove some of the intimidation of trying spicy food by making them feel comfortable that the food they are purchasing is to their taste (in this case spiciness) and reassured of its benefits.


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