Creating a User Experience

Me and some course mates were asked to create a board game within one hour that was actually playable. We came up with a game called Heist, based on a cluedo board game. After creating the game from scratch and making it so that people would be able to understand and play the game without the intervention of one of us (the makers). We then had our other course mates play the game. Making this board game was a good practice at generating ideas and prototypes in a short amount of time as well as creating a ‘user experience’.

img_20150107_130258 img_20150107_132608 img_20150107_130411 img_20150107_130315 img_20150107_130839

After playing the game our course mates gave us some feedback:

  • Enjoyed it
  • Add more players
  • Needs a bigger board
  • Too short, enjoyable
  • Roll lower numbers to collect diamonds

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