Initial Ideas

After looking around for some inspiration and thinking over the brief I got a few ideas that I narrowed down to three which could potentially work and relate to the brief.

I had the idea of having an app that records peoples exercise and converts it into points that can be used to obtain offers or discounts at retail shops. This could be used in partnership with gyms by enabling some sort of time stamp for the gym users’ time spend at the gym in exchange for points on the app. This application would help record peoples well-being as well as generate an extra incentive of having that monetary reward. The interaction with the app would give the users motivation and a sense of assurance in recording their progress.

The second idea came from an acrylic menu that I saw once which was illuminated from within making it perfect for a dark setting. It also gave a sense of a high tech upmarket gadget with a design fitting nicely with its environment and this reminded me how it could relate to the idea of consumption for self-identification. Since this product is already visually pleasing I wanted to take this idea further by creating an interactive version of it by having the menu become touch sensitive and include a screen for display of the menus offerings.

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert by Richard Betts
The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert by Richard Betts

This is the idea that I decided to go with, it is something that I took from a passion of mine, spicy food. All my life I have been obsessed with spicy food always having a wide selection of hot sauces to choose from. To me eating spicy food is not about showing off or seeing just how much you can take but its about enjoying the tastes and sensations generated by eating spicy food. Chillies also have many health benefits when consumed that could be beneficial to everyone. I feel that some people may not have had the opportunity to taste different chillies /hot sauces and may also feel intimidated to try them in settings such as restaurants. So I want to create a system to help encourage people to try these hot sauces/chillies. This brought me to think of a few ideas but the one that I thought was the most original and create the best user experience would be a taste and scratch concept similar to the “scratch and sniff” idea. Using disposable cards that can be used at restaurants or supermarkets to taste hot sauces/chillies and also have a comparable chart with the restaurants dishes or supermarket products that contain the same hot sauces/ chillies.

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