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After first creating the layout and adding some ruler guidelines to help me adjust the positioning of text and objects I created a shilloutte of a person looking up. At first I wasn’t too sure how I would go about creating the illustrations and whether to add colour and detail into them but after creating the initial silhouette of the person I realised it wouldn’t be necessary as even the carrot is recognisable by its shape. I created the silhouette by simply sketching out a rough estimate of  a found image on google.At first the silhouette was going to be black like the rest of the information but I tried different colours and I liked how the white blended in with the spine itself. I then created the carrot and stick which was the main design element of for this. I made the carrot a bit fatter than a normal carrot so that It would take advantage of more space.

Once the main illustration was done I worked on the title and authors positioning, I tried out many different fonts to see what looked more suitable as both san serif and serif fonts seemed to work well. This made it harder as to what typeface to use; at first I wanted to go with a sans-serif font as a lot of the self-help books I looked at either used sans-serif typefaces or a mix and I thought this would go well with making the look more modern. I used the typeface Futura at 40pt for the title and 21pt for the authors name. I then added the blurb on the reverse cover making sure I was using the set guidelines so that no text would sit too high or close to the edges. I used Minion Pro for this at 11pts and left aligned it.

I then sourced a Penguin style bar code to help with the authenticity of the final product as well as Penguin logos. At first I placed the bar code on the bottom left and placed another logo on the right but later decided to get rid of the extra logo and placed it on the front cover as well as centering the bar code to balance the bottom.

On the spine I made sure the logo sat about 10 mm from the bottom and the title at the same level of the blurb from the top and the authors name sitting more towards the top bottom half of the spine. I made sure the title was also in bold and slightly bigger than the authors name on the spine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 22.22.04

After doing some printing test at home I was able to see if I needed to make any adjustments to the layout out. I also printed it out using different typefaces to see what looked best and I ended up choosing to go with Carlson Pro instead of a sans-serif typeface, because the book is a fact based book so retaining a bit of classical/academic look sits well with the content and the design. I also centered the blurb to go with the centered bar code at the bottom. I kept the blurb using Minion Pro as it’s a more legible typeface at smaller pt. sizes.

I did some reasearch into colours and blue resulted in a good colour choice as it represents trust and integrity amongst other things, the colour is more turquoise though as I liked the look of it and it could be argued that it has a bit of green incorporating its benefits as well. Green represents balance and growth. It can mean both self-reliance as a positive. Thus complimenting each other and adding to the message I intend to get across. The typography sits well with the content after a difficult process of selecting the best typeface.


The book cover achieves the brief and also effectively communicates its intentionalism to its target audience. The target audience being young adults and above, it is abroad target because anyone could be looking for motivation at any stage in life. It’s also fitting for Penguin book enthusiast as it retains a certain minimalistic approach. Its unique at least in its approach to a self-help/ Penguin book incorporating elements from both.

If I could change anything about the way I approached this brief, it would be to prioritize my time and what is more essential to research in order to have more time with the designing. I wanted to try out different ideas I had but I spent way too long on the research and was not able to. Over all I like this design and the like the minimalistic feel of it.


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