Sketching Ideas for Book Cover


Here I used the idea of having a puppet hand with the strings coming down from the top, the fingers are holding the letter ‘E’ to complete the word ‘MOTIVATE’. I think this design could look good but I am not sure if the intentional fallacy would be conveyed through this illustration.

DSC_2218For this design I took the inspiration from a video we watched in class about Motivation from The RSA YouTube channel. In this video it talked about research that has been done regarding motivation in the work place and how the reward system works. I have previously seen RSA videos and I find it very cool in the way it describes everything being said as a continuous illustration on a whiteboard, specially as I am a visual learner. In this video it talked about the idiom of a carrot and a stick. This “carrot and stick” approach is an idiom that refers to a combination of rewards and punishment to induce a behaviour. It is a reference to a cart driver dangling a carrot in front of a donkey holding a stick behind it. The donkey either moves towards the carrot because it wants its reward or be punished by the stick behind it therefore moving the cart forward.

So using this approach for my design would be adequate as its something that would be more clear at communicating a symbolic representation of ‘motivation’. The silhouette of the person looking up just adds to the design and also helps me convey the meaning.

Here is the link to the RSA video watched in class


This design also uses the same idiom, but in a slightly different manner as it’s no longer a carrot on a stick but just a carrot. I think the design could be eye catching as the yet simple, the big carrot in orange would be enough to bring attention to the book and the rest of the information provided would become secondary but would help in understanding what it represents.

The intentional fallacy of this design might be incorrectly perceived and might come across as a food book or even a children book.


Here I played around with possible titles that could be implemented into any of my designs. This might not be appropriate as the book is ment to be factual based and not necessarily so playful.


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