Researching Typefaces

After analysing several books in different categories it has helped me get a better understanding of the choice of typeface for these books. Typefaces are used for aesthetic purposes or sometimes simply practical ones depending on the book. A typeface is chosen to best suit the book based on these factors: what the book is about, what genre it’s a part of and whether or not it needs to be designed to attract an audience.

Fiction books tend to be more exciting because they are aimed at being sold to the public for entertainment purposes. The colour schemes, imagery and the typefaces uses are used to attract people to the product. Non-fiction books on the other hand are often boring because they are usually educational resources, manuals or guides of some sort and are just meant to be practical. But in the genre of self-help books however, these books are a bit more exciting using large and bold typefaces many times in brighter colours such a gold. Although the choice of typeface within this genre is usually still quite conservative, mainly using sans-serifs or sometimes serif typefaces but you are not likely to find a custom typeface or one that is too creative.    


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