Book Cover Design Analysis

Fiction books:


The title uses a serif typeface, occupying approximately the top quarter of the page with about a 45 pt size in bold. The authors name sits at the bottom quarter also in a large point size but only at about 35 pts, both centered with big borders. An illustration bleeds through the entire front cover but stops at the spine.

The spine consist of a smaller version of the front cover illustration that bleeds through to the reverse cover, this is an unusual as I haven’t seen it on other books I think its purpose break up the large yellow box on the reverse cover. The title of the book sits centered in bold using approximately one third of the spine width. The authors name sits beneath after a short space between the title and the publisher “Longman” also sits below it. They all use the same typeface from the cover page.

The reverse cover is separated in two sections the top quarter has a yellow box with the title, author and more information about the publisher as well as the repeated illustration from the front. They are once again using the same typeface but this time the title is not in bold but highlighted by being set to a clear white and the author’s name is highlighted in orange. The information about the publisher “New Longman Literature” is in a slightly yellow tone so it gets lost with the background. I think this publisher was specifically targeting this book for schools. The blurb consist on even more information about “Longman literature” and their suitability for 14-18 year olds and its GCSE study program. The blurb is set out in bullet point form quoting an excerpt from the book its self and then proclaiming the significance of the book to its audience. The publishers logo is placed on the bottom left and the barcode on the the right. All the information is centered and there is a relatively big border going around the sides but not as wide on the top and bottom.

Key features:

  • different marketing techniques on the blurb
  • same illustration used twice front cover and once a a banner running on back and spine


The title is set in a custom typeface all in majuscules that is gold in colour and also has an embossed texture to it. Once again the title occupies about a quarter of the front cover but has a smaller border sitting closer to the edges. The authors name sits on the bottom using about half the size of the title also using the same typeface. There is an illustration that bleeds across the entire book sleeve.

The spine of this book uses a small black box on the top section displaying pricing and a small logo of the publisher. Below that in the center of the spine sits the title sitting almost the full width of the spine with small borders. The authors name sits below centered in much smaller pt size and therefore much bigger borders.

The reverse of this book has the title and authors name once again centered, but this time the authors name is much smaller in comparison to the title and the typeface for the authors name is now just a regular serif font because the custom typeface is probably not as legible in small sizes. Between the title, author and blurb it takes up about half of the space on the reverse cover. The blurb is left aligned using the same serif typeface used on the aforementioned authors name. The bottom half consist of two small images of books “also available” by the author, below that sits the bar code on the left and logo on the right, just above the barcode sits information about the cover illustrator and a website. All the information on the reverse cover sits surrounded by a small border with wider dimensions on the top and right side by the spine.

key features:

  • high quality illustration running through the entire book sleve
  • embossed golden typeface on title.
  • costum typeface and use of all majuscules

Non-fiction books:


When analysing this book sleeve the first thing that I realised was different was the fact that the authors name and a short introduction sit above the main title its self. The choice of typography is a sans serif giving the book a more modern appearance. Interestingly the authors name and the publisher(?) at the bottom are both set in majuscules but the title is not but is set in a darker blue semi bold typeface in the center of the page to prioritise the information. The image bleeds through the entire front cover but the main focus of the image is the lower half of the page balancing the layout.

The spine uses the same bright colour as the reverse side. The title and authors name are centered on the spine with a lot of free space on the top and bottom. The title is set in the same semi bold typeface almost using the entire width of the spine and the authors name once again sitting on top of it, in smaller type but still using all majuscules. A logo sits some 10 mm from the bottom.

The reverse cover has a large border around the information with exception of the barcode and two logos that sit closer to the bottom edge. The barcode is smaller than other books I have seen and is also centered. As for the blurb it is also centered taking up about 80 of the space counting the borders. Above the blurb its self after the wide gap at the top there is a use of a quote from a psychologist this is a clever marketing ploy as it makes it more likely you are to trust the information provided.

Key features:

  • clean and minimal design
  • bright colours
  • simple clean sans serif typeface adding to the modern look


This book uses an image that runs across the whole sleeve, its appropriate for the content of the book but also doesn’t not give too much away. The title sits below a wide gap at the top and is left aligned set in a large sans serif typeface using all majuscules utilising an orange colour. Below the title sits an introduction using all majuscules as well but at about half the size of the title in white. The authors name is in green at a bigger point size than the introduction. There is a logo that sits on the bottom left of the page this is a design element that I did not see on other books I analysed.

The reverse side has the blurb left aligned and start at the same height as the title on the front. The blurb is positioned on the center of the page as there are wide gaps on the top and bottom. It also uses the same orange colour and a bold majuscule typeface to highlight part of the information provided in the blurb, the rest consist of a slightly smaller point size and is no longer in all majuscules. The same logo is once again used at the top left but this time its bleeding off the side of the page. The barcode and secondary information are placed on the bottom left sitting at the same height as the logo on the spine.

The spine has the title start at about the same hight as the title on the front side, using the same typeface and colours. There is a small gap between the title and the authors name also in the same colours. The logo which appears three times in this layout out is placed a short distance from the bottom in a vertical position.

Key features:

  • background image bleeds through entire book sleeve.
  • san serif typeface and use of majuscules
  • three colours for the text found on the front cover (orange, white and green)
  • multiple use of same logo emphazising the style of book

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