Front cover development

This is my the development process for my front cover. I started of with an image I found online of the Virgin Mary in order to get a quick layout. I began by making an outline of the body, after I separated the image into sections to make it easier to work with. I then created the shapes for each section and occasionally using the base outline that I created at the begging in in order to create shapes within shapes using a pathfinder. This is a technique that helps save time in the long run as you don’t have to keep re tracing the same lines that you have already done.

Once most of the general shapes where created I added another image of some hands displaying the “LA” hand sign and position them instead of the original hands. I had to adjust both arm heights and position so I could achieve this.

I used different artist I referenced in a previous post so that I could use similar lighting and shadowing effects. I also added some tattoos to her knuckles using a black letter font that I manipulated by warping it and distorting it around the fingers.

After the image was completed I created a background that would look like a halo or aura coming from the figure. I did this by creating a radial gradient effect and then creating another ellipse shape over it and making the stroke very big at about 800 pts. I thought this was simple and effective to fill the rest of the white space.

I put the image through photoshop afterwards and using the hue and saturation options I colorised the image to see what effects it would give me.

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After completing the illustration I put the image through Photoshop to see what effects I could achieve. I tried putting a colour overtone which I think gives it a nice effect and helps blend the different shades better. I also tried grey scaling the image but I didn’t like the result as it makes the image look too dull and wouldn’t work as a cover page for a magazine.

VMFINAL Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 23.13.03 1


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