Final Magazine Evaluation

VMFINALorangeI think that my finished front cover fits the brief accordingly and would successfully communicate to its intended audience. The intended audience being subscribers to Creative Review magazine, creatives and visual culture enthusiast. I think it would achieve this because my illustration fits in well with the illustrative style of the magazine but also successfully portrays the subculture. It gives the right amount of information but not too much leaving the audience wanting to find out what it’s all about by displaying a few specific signifying practices of my chosen subculture. The subculture its self would only be obvious to someone that had previous knowledge on the cholos in some form, but because I used a religious figure it becomes a powerful image in it’s self hopefully provoking a reaction from the reader and represents what a subculture is all about, deviation from the mainstream.

I would have like to be able to work on this for longer even though I did spend a lot of time on it, my slow rate of work only allowed me to achieve certain amount of detail and because of this I was left with little time to manipulate the image afterwards on Photoshop to try out different effects. I would have also liked to experiment with with different illustration styles and shading techniques using Illustrator in order to achieve a more a more “realistic” illustration.

cholofinal2 cholofinal3

The magazine spread also achieves the brief successfully by producing a documentary type article with a layout design style found in Creative Review magazines. I think that there is good gutter spacing between the columns and the text flows correctly across both pages taking advantage of the layout allowing for an easy read. The use of elements such as a seller with a highlighted bold word and the use of a footer on the bottom corners and the top-right corner tag help it fit in more with the CR style. Finally the great black and white photographs that I used by Robert Yager really give the article a sense of depth and documentary style. As for the typeface I decided to stick with Minion Pro, the serif typeface was appropriate for a documentary style article as it keeps a classical feel to it.

If I was to do something different about this spread it would be to try and add some sort of design or discreet pattern in colour coming in across the right side in order to balance it with the red title. I would have like to  try out more creative layouts and try and go for something more unique or abstract in design. Although the design could be improved, it is a good layout and completes the brief well.


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