Moshi Kun (Mike Wrobel)

I found the work of Moshi Kun (also known as Mike Wrobel) a Tokyo based graphic designer from France to be very inspiring. His work is very vibrant and some of his illustrations are similar to those of the Grand Theft Auto game series by Anthony Macbain and Stephen Bliss. He did a series of illustrations of the characters from the TV series Game of Thrones, in a GTA style illustration.

I think his style of shading and lighting would be appropriate for my illustration as they are not meant to look like “realistic shadows” like the ones from other illustrations I have seen; as achieving such an effect is a technique I am not familiar with. But with Moshi Kuns approach I will be able to create shadows and light out of simpler shapes.

I will be looking to achieve something similar with my illustration.

Here is a link to his work: 


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