Initial ideas for front cover

These are my initial sketches for my cover design. I wanted to come up with several ideas each representing different signifying practices of my subculture. Having more ideas also helps eliminate the bad ones and usually the first idea that comes to your head has probably been done a thousand times.

sketches1These designs show things like religious influences such as the Virgin Mary, who is a religious figure that is commonly found on tattoos cholos have. Clothing items such as bandanas, dark sunglasses, flannel shirts with the top button done up, knee high socks and many other specific fashion styles synonymous with cholos would be very appropriate. Other designs consisted on other aspects such as the lowrider, hand signs and Blackletter that is commonly associated with some of the gang culture in the United States. The skull is another symbol commonly found tattooed on the bodies of some cholos, but as a skull is found in so many cultures adding a few extra touches with a goatee and a zoo suit hat to associate it more with the group would also work.

Below I took some of the sketches and broke them down to show how they could work and what they could consist of.

sketcges 2


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