Postcard Evaluation

Ct postcard final

My postcard for my allocated font ‘Chaparral’ successfully completes the brief requirements. I am still getting used to designing things that seem basic because I tend to think its not enough. There is good positioning of the two main letters, which represent the typeface designers name Carol Twombly. The font size of ‘c’ being slightly smaller than the ‘t’ makes the design more abstract. It makes it more interesting and helps it not look so squared. Having only these two letters should hopefully intrigue typography enthusiast to find out what it’s all about with the rest of the information provided on the back. I also removed the text that was originally within the words and placed them on the top corner helping balance both sides of the design. I chose to go with bright colours that help make the design more interesting and stand out. Overall the design is good and simple.

I would like to improve on this design further by looking into other possible background colours and playing around with some glyphs within the design, maybe adding a box around the letters “CT”. Somehow emphasising those letters even more. I think this design looks a bit like a business card design which was unintentional.


My historical postcard also achieved the brief requirements. It has a more classic style like something that could maybe be found at the British Library. Even though the original image was not my own. I manipulated the image and changed it to fit my design. I think it appropriately demonstrates some of the traits found in Mayan script as well as being accurate in depicting the date of the typography conference, December 1st 2014 using the Mayan long calendar. Furthermore I think the composition and use of dead space to emphasize the hieroglyphs and text work good.

If I was to further develop this postcard I would definetly remake the hieroglyphs on illustrator and make them my own. I would also look into colour schemes that would be appropriate with the Mayans and would also change the text so that it might help balance out the image a bit more.


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