Postcard sketches

Chaparral idea sketching pt 1
Chaparral idea sketching pt 1

My first idea going from left to right top to bottom; was of using Carol Twombly’s initials as the main image and adding some additional information within the shapes of these to letters by creating a path to write in. For my second idea I thought of using something similar to my T shadow idea from the type tour poster and create a shadow from the C. These two ‘c’s would give me the words Chaparral and Carol Twombly. The third idea was using directional text in a 35 degree angle spelling out Chaparral and having that additional information on the bottom corner. The fourth idea involved designing something similar to the many examples I found during my research were there would be a full alphabet in capital, lowercase or both and adding some glyphs This last one would be the most descriptive of the typeface its self but possibly not the most attractive design. For all these ideas I’am thinking of using bright colours as I think it would be appropriate to bring attention the the design and make them more captivating. This should definitely help balance the simplicity of just having text on a postcard.


These were more designs that I came up with for my Chaparral postcard. The first one (same order) consist obscuring type to hide part of the main C coming in across the left side of the image and the rest of the word coming across the the middle. The second design I got inspiration from the Apex image in my research I like the use of the gridlines within the design its self, I think this is a great way to help show the characteristic of a typeface. The third design is similar to the first one on the previous image, using Carol Twomblys’ initials and adding some punctuation glyphs and Chaparral in capitals at the bottom. This one could make for quite a nice design, it looks formal and looks like a business card. The fourth and final idea was of using multi-directional text to emphasise whats being said in a powerful eye catching manner just by playing around with the angles.


For my second postcard I spend too much time thinking of what historical aspect about typography I should go with so I was left with too little time on the actual designing process. I came up with just a few ideas the first one would consist of illustrating a Mayan hieroglyph of my choice it would be big and take up most of the space in the postcard and have a plain background. The second idea would be to use the hieroglyph “chich” meaning word, or reason. The third idea would be using a mayan calendar converter to to give me the correct date for December 1st 2014, the date of the typography conference. I would then illustrate the glyphs, the other side of the design would be the date in English. The fourth design would be using the syllabic glyphs that would pronounce the word “type” and the word it’s self underneath.


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