Mayan Postcard development

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I only had time to further develop this design as I had spent too much time thinking of what to go with. I illustrated a couple of glyphs in illustrator but I soon realised that I wouldn’t have enough time to illustrate all of them. Since the brief states we could use found images I decided to go with the original. I used photoshop to crop out the glyphs and adjusted them to a grid. After getting them to the size that I wanted i added a divisional line that I took from one of my research pieces. I had originally thought of writing December 1st 2014 on the right side which is what the glyphs are meant to represent, but i went with adding an appropriate title. It was also important to balance out the image as it seemed a bit too heavy on the left, so having the lines of the type on the right instead of just two helped me achieve that.

After the main design was done I played around with the stroke size of the glyphs and added a drop shadow to help them stick out as they seemed too flat. I also played with different overlays for the glyphs but decided to keep them beige as it represented some of the rock surfaces that Mayan hieroglyphs where created on. I decided to leave the background white because it added to the formality of the design and seemed to be the most appropriate.


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