Chaparral postcard development

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 20.15.46

For my chaparral postcard I created a few designs to see which one would work out best.  I started with this one, using Carol Twomblys’ initials as the main information provided. I thought I could add in smaller type, “Chaparral 1997” in order to give a little bit more to information to the viewer.  I used multi-coloured background that I got inspiration from my research, but instead of squares I decided to slightly overlap the shapes.


This was another one of my ideas using directional text to grab attention. I didn’t develop this design further as I wasn’t too happy it.


I really like this design, after playing around with the letters angle and size it gave it a nice depth of field to the image. The colour scheme is effective, its strong and and bright. Even though I like this design I’am not sure if it will be the most effective one to use as its just an abstract image with no information provided. I could maybe add the words chaparral or Carol Twombly. Also when I exported it from illustrator to a JPEG format it didn’t get rid of the of the words popping out of the yellow shape. This gave me the idea to leave it like this intentionally, as the letters popping out add to the depth in the image.


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