Historical Postcard Research

For my second postcard I have to pick something or an event from the history of typography. Since my font that I was assigned with was quite modern I chose to do something much more ancient in order to have a bit more contrast between my two designs choices. I looked at several sources to help me get some inspiration and to pick a subject.

After looking at several events or developments of interest I narrowed down my choices to 4 options:

  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Greek Alphabet
  • Aztec or Mayan hieroglyphs
  • Blackletter

I found myself looking at mainly hieroglyphs as seen above, I think it would be a good option for my historical postcard as it would show a drastic change from modern typography and also these incredibly intricate hieroglyphs would help make the design its self. I could either use a found photograph on the internet which wouldn’t not be my ideal choice as I don’t like the idea of using somebody else’s work, or Illustrate my own symbols or hieroglyphs using illustrator.

My resources:


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